Police Beat

After making a delivery on Medina-Line Road, an Amazon driver realized his next delivery was at the house next door. Either GPS, AI or his homunculus told him a driveway connected the two properties, so off he went down a hill and across the yard. As he circled the rear of the house, he came to realize he was not on a gravel path – just before he hit a tree, septic tank, water basin and decorative lighting. Suddenly a solitary delivery became a group activity involving the homeowner, neighbor, police, towing company, supervisor, insurance company, landscaper and Mr. Roto Rooter.

Another cell tower, another theft of copper cable with a replacement cost of $52,000.

Officers responded to a woman’s call that the family dog had bitten her daughter. Charlie, a male terrier mix, had emotional issues resulting from dysfunctional family dynamics at its previous owners, and while lying on the daughter’s lap it suddenly bit her on the face. Her father took her to the hospital but there was no report on happened to Charlie.

Speaking of family dynamics, a woman went to the station and reported her sister-in-law and brother-in-law were having a discussion at her house but she didn’t feel safe around her sister-in-law and wanted her removed. Arriving at the home, the officers discovered the reason for the woman’s trepidation when the sister-in-law stated she just discovered the woman and her husband had been having an affair for three years.

An officer started pursuit of a motorcycle on Route 303 west at I-77. Turning north on Broadview Road, the bike reached speeds of 140 mph. The officer noticed a female passenger and terminated pursuit at Macintosh Farms. Time 1:40 a.m.

An officer was in pursuit of a Toyota SUV rocking fictitious plates. The chase went south on Broadview Road to Brush, Humphrey, Streetsboro and Brecksville roads, to I-271 then I-71 south, at speeds up to 90 mph. Once on the interstate, the driver continually swerved to block being overtaken and twice was able to avoid deployed spike strips. Still heading south, he switched to the northbound lanes and drove 2.6 miles before a state trooper performed the PIT maneuver and spun him out. The chase covered 26.6 miles, a veritable marathon. In addition to receiving multiple citations, the man’s parole officer was contacted. Time 9:54 p.m.

When driving on the interstate, state law requires you to merge left when approaching a stationary emergency vehicle with flashing lights.

During a windstorm, the wind blew a construction barrel into the side of a car and a tree onto the top of another.

After winning $96 at the lottery machine in a local bar, a woman discovered the next morning that one of the $20 bills she received was counterfeit.

Here’s the CliffNotes on what was encountered during traffic stops: excessive speed, expired plates, fictitious plates, expired driver’s license, driving under suspension, marijuana, DWI, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, a mushroom infused chocolate bar and all kinds of warrants from other jurisdictions.

Meanwhile back at the motel:

Officers responded to a report of a man trying to break into a room. Police spoke with the room’s occupant who told them the man was her husband, whom she was divorcing. The man was located and informed he was not welcome in his wife’s room or on motel property. Unable to find a room nearby, he was transported to the Haven of Rest ministries. ∞