Humbled by 600 volunteers for Rise Against Hunger

by Mayor Michael Wheeler

We gathered at the Revere High School gym on April 15. We called it 120,000 Meals to Help End World Hunger.  Wow!  We did it.

I am so humbled. We exceeded our goal by making 120,528 meals in just two hours and five minutes. In addition, we made many new friends and acquaintances.

This was a Village of Richfield initiative that I felt we could accomplish after an invitation from Ramesh Shah to attend an event at the Jain Temple in Richfield.  Our support came from many businesses, temples, churches, charitable organizations, state and local elected officials, plus over 600 volunteers from Richfield and as far away as Pittsburgh.  The volunteers ranged in age from just over 4 years-old to over 90 years-old. You all are the greatest!

Many, many thanks to everyone involved. Because of all of you, our volunteers, sponsors and Rise Against Hunger, we have started to help end world hunger. ∞