Bath Elementary Students of the Month

Grade 3: Benny Slusarz
Benny Slusarz is a kind, responsible hard worker who works well with all classmates. He always puts forth his best effort and is very successful. Classmates are fortunate to have Benny as part of their team because he is welcoming, friendly, confident, and leads by example.

Karl Bono
Karl Bono is a true leader and is the first one to offer help when others are in need, including adults. He is a problem-solver, finding a solution that benefits everyone. He respects school and classroom rules, leading by example every day. Karl is a student all teachers can count on.

Grade 4: Vivian Rozo 
Vivian Rozo always comes to school with a bright smile and positive attitude. Vivian is very responsible and consistently puts forth her best effort. She is considerate of her peers and all of her teachers. Vivian is a wonderful role model to all.

Grade 5: Victor Trojan
Victor Trojan is a polite and respectful student who shares valuable insights during class discussions. Victor can be found offering assistance to classmates, teachers and random people in the hallways. He does this not for any sort of recognition, but rather because it is the “right thing” to do. ∞