Letter to the Editor: In response to Concordia Church property purchase

To the Editor:

It’s become pretty clear that the development community’s business interests have taken a powerful hold on our local politics. It was already obvious when our city pushed through the Twin Creeks development plans, despite it being within the boundaries of our national park and despite all the public outcry. Now the city has bought up 15 acres of mostly wooded Concordia Church land for the express purpose of handing it over to developers for clearing and more development.  

Public interest in preserving it as green space has been dismissed by our mayor. A petition drive was attempted to give residents a say in the matter and instead of being interested and open to the voters’ wishes the mayor publicly stated that he was happy the petition failed. Now that’s a red flag when your leaders don’t want to even hear the will of the people. The politicians pushing this project are the same ones with extensive ties to the construction and housing development business community. Did you vote to elect these city officials so they would facilitate the development community’s agenda by being their front men? I certainly did not. I think it’s clearly WRONG.  

Speak to your councilmen if you agree.  

What WE, THE PEOPLE, think SHOULD matter.  

What WE, THE PEOPLE want for our community should matter too.    

Daniel Sobotka

Hillside Road ∞