Remembrance sign commemorates former Sharon Elementary

by Chris Studor

Feb. 27 board of education meeting

A handmade sign composed of old door knobs, gym floor pieces, bench boards and other remnants from the former Sharon Elementary School, built in 1922, was the center of attention at the latest meeting of the Highland Board of Education.

School Board President Chris Wolny spent two months building the 4-foot by 3-foot sign that will soon be put on display at the new Sharon Elementary School.

“I wanted to save a piece of history for the thousands of students, teachers and parents who walked the halls of the former Sharon Elementary School,” said Wolny.

The sign’s backing is built from six boards repurposed from a bench that once sat at the south end of the former school. At the top is a copper drip edge that once sat atop the door leading into the garden in the back of the school. Two door jams from classrooms No 27 and No. 30, along with two door knobs – one from the door by the kitchen and the other from the back stage door – are also featured. The metal letters, spelling out Sharon Elementary, were taken from the front of the original building.

Board Member Missy Schreiner, her husband, Greg, and the couple’s two children attended the former Sharon Elementary School, as did Board Member Bob Kelly and the children of Board Member Mike Houska.

Wolny said he’s constructing two similar panels from the 1929 portion of Granger Elementary that will be donated to the Granger Historical Society this summer.

In other action, board members approved the purchase of two new buses which will replace two older buses in the district’s 50-bus fleet.

Superintendent Catherine Aukerman said the district is still looking for parents to host students from Spain and France for the district’s Intercultural Program. Hosts are needed to house students from Spain from Oct. 19- Nov. 1 and to house students from France from Oct. 14-23. Interested individuals are asked to contact the district.

Board members also approved granting .25 credits for students taking lab classes for AP Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Aukerman explained that the lab work goes into a second period and students will now receive credit for time spent in the lab since it prevents them from taking a full course during that class period. ∞

Featured Photo: Parts of the former Sharon Elementary School, including door knobs, bench seats and metal letters, were all creatively made into a 4×3 sign by Highland board president Chris Wolny. The sign will be placed in the new Sharon Elementary School. Pictured are; Supt. Catherine Aukerman, board vice president Mike Houska, board president Gary Wolny, board member Missy Schreiner and board member Bob Kelly. Photo by Chris Studor