Police and fire plan promotions, offer safety services

by Laura Bednar

March 6 township trustees meeting

The police and fire departments in Bath Township will use Ryan-Ramsey HR Solutions to create examinations for a new police sergeant and assistant fire chief.

Police Chief Vito Sinopoli said he wants to structure the department to have four sergeants, one for each the morning, afternoon and evening shift. The fourth would be an administrative sergeant that oversees officers and focuses on duties within the department. Bath Police would post internally for the administrative role, of which three current sergeants are eligible. The open sergeant position after filling the administrative role would be filled internally based on seniority.

Bath Township trustees approved hiring Seth Duckett as a part-time firefighter/paramedic for the Bath Fire Department. Fire Chief Robert Campbell said Duckett works as a full-time firefighter for Springfield Township and is a former military member. Bath Fire is also utilizing the HR solutions program to create an assessment test for an assistant fire chief. Campbell said three current lieutenants qualify for the position and are interested in taking the test. He hopes to administer it in May or June.

Sinopoli and Campbell reminded residents of available safety programs. Police will check on a resident’s home while they are gone on vacation if the department is given a period of time the home will be empty. Call 330-666-3736 to schedule a vacation watch. The fire department’s Knox Box program is for elderly residents, those who live alone, or people who otherwise have limitations in letting the fire department into the house during an emergency. A locked box with a key to the home is placed outside the front door and only the fire department has a unique key for the box. Call 330-666-3738 to get a free Knox Box.

Home renovation

The parks department continues renovation work on 1581 Hickory Farm Lane, a rental home within the Bath Nature Preserve. Trustees approved $2,995 for interior painting by Tony’s Painting Company, $6,144 for purchase and installation of an air conditioning unit from Advance Air Solutions, and $9,450 for mold remediation by Cardinal Environmental.

Parks Director Alan Garner said the department is also considering a bathroom remodel, roof work and removing carpet. The township will rent out the home once renovations are complete. It has four bedrooms and two full bathrooms.

In other news

Bath Police will purchase a new speed trailer for $18,330 after a previous trailer was vandalized and then totaled by a vehicle.

Planning and Zoning Inspector Bill Funk said the zoning commission is still waiting for the Ohio Department of Transportation to complete a traffic study of 4073 Medina Rd. before bringing the zoning proposal before the trustees and setting a public hearing. ∞