Sagamore participates in “Trees for Threes”

by Laura Bednar

This spring, residents will see new trees blooming in Sagamore Hills Park. This past fall, Sagamore Hills Township participated in the “Trees for Threes” program, a collaboration between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Davey Tree landscaping company, in which the two organizations pledge to plant one tree for every three-pointer made during the Cavs’ season.

Trustee John Zaccardelli said the township applied to receive trees through the program and was awarded six, including maples, buckeyes and redbuds. Zaccardelli, along with Service Director Bill Cuprak, picked up the trees at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland in October. Cuprak and the service department planted the trees near the pavilion across from the fire department building.

“We planted the trees for the next generation; to provide shade and add to the beautiful park,” said Zaccardelli. ∞

Cleveland Cavaliers mascot Moondog helps trustee John Zaccardelli
load trees into the Sagamore Hills Service Department
truck. Photo courtesy of John Zaccardelli.