Factory explosion near Oakwood results in one death, several injuries

by Laura Bednar

The cause of the explosion at I. Schumann & Co. near Oakwood, Ohio, is still under investigation at the time of this article writing.

According to the Ohio Department of Commerce, the joint investigation remains ongoing with contributions from Oakwood fire and police departments; Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Cleveland Office; Public Utility Commission of Ohio; Ohio EPA; Chagrin Valley Dispatch; Occupational Safety and Health Administration; First Energy and Dominion Gas all assisting in the investigation.

An explosion occurred at the metal alloy factory on Feb. 20, resulting in one death and at least a dozen injuries, according to The New York Times. Plumes of smoke could be seen from miles away, and debris was scattered over hundreds of yards.

The factory on Alexander Road is near the highways for 480 and 271 and is less than 7 miles from Sagamore Hills. ∞

This photo of smoke from the explosion at
the metal alloy factory near Oakwood was
taken from Sagamore Hills using a drone
An aerial view of the damage following the explosion at I.
Schumann & Co. building. Photos by Michael Rankin.