Blossom Hill window replacement project eyed for NOPEC grant funding

by Melissa Martin

Feb. 22 city council meeting

Brecksville City Council unanimously approved legislation authorizing the mayor to accept $46,904 in NOPEC Energized Community Grant funding for 2023.

According to Service Director Ron Weidig, the city plans to use the funding as part of the fourth phase of the window replacement project at Blossom Hill Building No. 7, located at 4450 Oakes Rd., which is occupied by the South Suburban Montessori School.

He said the city will use the money to replace 18 windows on the back of the building. Total cost of the project is estimated at $74,600. Weidig said the city will fund the remainder of project using money in the capital budget.

Weidig said the project is a continuation of work started on the building in 2022. Last year, the city used $43,885 in NOPEC Energized Community Grant funding to replace 12 windows along with two kitchen windows.

This year’s money is required to be used by Dec. 31, and later this year the city will file an application for additional funding in 2024.

Annual Energized Community Grant funding is available to NOPEC member communities to perform energy related projects that help implement energy savings or energy infrastructure.

In addition to installing energy efficient windows, grants can be used for government facilities, residents or businesses to complete a variety of projects, including the purchase of LED signs, electric or plug-in vehicles, traffic signal upgrades, insulation, solar-powered LED stop signs, energy efficient air conditioning units, electrical upgrades, generators and LED lighting upgrades, among other improvements.

Council approved legislation authorizing the Brecksville purchasing director to advertise for bids for the natatorium post repairs project.

According to Weidig, the city plans to close the pool for an indefinite period beginning Sept. 5, the Tuesday after Labor Day, to repair all six columns surrounding the facility’s whirlpool area.

“I’ve been told by the recreation director that there is never a convenient time to close the pool, but this is probably the least inconvenient time to do so,” he said.

As part of the project, he said, the contractor will have to remove a section of floor in order to cut and weld in new plates for the four large and two small columns. Brecksville decided to approve the contract now to allow enough lead time to obtain materials.

Weidig said the city also intends to perform tile work surrounding the columns and along the edge of the pool. Cost of the tile work is estimated at $35,000- $40,000. “We’ve had several reports of people cutting their toes on the broken tiles,” Weidig said.

Brecksville also is exploring the possibility of replacing the lighting in the natatorium, Weidig said, and is in the process of obtaining estimates.