Trustees Corner – Melissa Augustine

March brings with it, the annual phenomenon known as Buzzard Day. I think I can speak for the entire community when I extend an enormous thank you to our Hinckley Chamber of Commerce, which has spearheaded the event for many years.

We look forward to having Boy Scout Troop 3520 set up the rope bridge at Bronger’s Park again. The pancake breakfast and craft show will be held at the new Hinckley Elementary School, while a carnival is hosted in the old fire station bays at Town Hall. This event has the full support of Hinckley’s service, police and fire departments. I am grateful for historic traditions that bring us all together and I hope to see you at the 66th Annual Buzzard Day on Sunday, March 19.

Hinckley has received a petition for annexation to the city of Brunswick. The parcel in the petition is just over five acres and sits on the southern side of state Route 303 and W. 130th Street. Since the tax abatement was declined by the trustees in June of last year, Medina County Economic Development had been working with the board of trustees to develop a tax abatement in response to the request. Last September, I offered an opinion on a strategy to be competitive with Brunswick and reduce risk of annexation. The Board of Trustees has decided to garner outside legal counsel in response to the petition.

I am requesting all citizens/ businesses that are interested in water infrastructure near town center to please email or send me a letter with their request, outlining current hardships they are experiencing with their failing system. Grant opportunities will have greater strength with the stories of current resident situations and will encourage the board of trustees’ understanding of the significance of poor water quality in town center.

Happy spring, Hinckley!