Police Beat

Information compiled by the Richfield Police Department compiled by Ken Miles

March 2023 Police Report. It took members of the fire, police and service departments to free a horse from a quagmire. The successful rescue was short lived, at least for the horse. It died.

Police were called to a physical confrontation between brothers. The victimizer stated they bumped into each other as they passed in the hallway causing his brother to hit the wall and then the floor. The victim stated his brother punched him in the face whereupon he hit the wall and then the floor. Partially bolstering both of their claims was a hole in the wall and a pool of blood on the floor. Alcohol was involved.

A woman stated her mailbox was destroyed, possibly by a construction truck. A new mailbox meeting HOA specs would set her back $1,000.

A 50-pound bag of organic chicken feed was found at the intersection of Route 303 and Brecksville Rd. There was no owner information on the bag.

During water line construction at the corner of routes 176 and 303, a southbound car ignored the flagger and drove through an area of fresh cement. The driver and the flagger pointed a finger of responsibility at each other.

Police received multiple calls of a dog off-leash in Richfield Heritage Preserve claiming it attacked at least one other dog. The dog’s owner was located after leaving the park and informed that park rules require dogs to be leashed at all times.

A delivery driver said she was bitten by a pit bull while making a delivery on Hawkins Road. She stated she would drive herself to the hospital. The animal warden was apprised of the incident.

Reports of computer fraud continue to be received. If a pop-up takes over your screen and gives you a phone number for tech support – do not panic, do not call the number, do not give someone remote control of your computer, do not send money and do not share your personal information. Call the police. They are very good at assessing the situation and providing options on how to proceed.

A Kenworth box truck rolled over on I-77 north blocking both lanes and backing up traffic to Ghent Road in Bath. Three occupants sustained major trauma injuries. The truck was totaled. It was the second truck accident in three days that closed the interstate.

Copper cable valued at $24,000 was stolen from a local cell tower.

A woman driving south on Broadview Road rear-ended a car at Route 303. Unwilling to believe what happened, she backed up and hit it three more times. The attending officer detected the nose of a hearty merlot emitting from her person and she confirmed having just left a local winery. She blew a hearty 0.237 on the breathalyzer. Time: 4:30 p.m.

A vehicle southbound on Brecksville Road crossed the roadway, hit a mailbox, drove down the sidewalk and hit a second mailbox before returning to the roadway. There were no witnesses, but a possible clue was a bumper complete with a license plate left at the scene. The owner was located in Brecksville and speculated he may have fallen asleep or blacked out. He was cited.

A resident called police asking for assistance in removing her ex-boyfriend from her house. She was advised on the eviction process if he did not leave.

Meanwhile back at the motel:

Nothing reported. Hard to believe.