‘Chillin’ on the Hill’ becomes ‘Hikin’ on the Hill’ amid warm weather

by Alex Vukoder

The annual “Chillin’ on the Hill” event on Feb. 12 saw sunshine and 50 degree weather instead of the usual white flakes. With no snow for sled riding, instead of chilling on the hill, participants enjoyed a winter nature walk in the Bath Nature Preserve led by Dr. Randy Mitchell and Dr. Lara Roketenetz, both from the University of Akron biology department. About 20 people joined the hour-long walk, learning about the plants and animals that make Bath their home. Walkers enjoyed cookies at the University of Akron Field Station afterward. ∞

A group of about 20 people took part in a winter nature walk during Bath’s “Chillin’
on the Hill” event. Photo by Alex Vukoder.