Police Beat

Information provided by the Sagamore Hills Police Department

Jan. 3—Officers assisted in transporting a resident at a W. Aurora Road health care center to Marymount Hospital after the resident refused care from care center staff members.

Police responded to a Valley View Road residence for report of property damage and a domestic dispute between a mother and son.

Jan. 4—After a driver hit a deer on W. Aurora Road, an officer dispatched the injured animal.

Jan. 5—A resident reported mail theft when her outgoing package was stolen from her mailbox.

Jan. 7—Police were dispatched to a ski resort on W. Highland Road for report of a suspicious male asking patrons for narcotics.

Jan. 8—A Canyon View Road resident called 911 for medical assistance after his ex-girlfriend sprayed him with mace. Upon investigation it was determined that both parties were mutual combatants and cited for disorderly conduct by fighting.

Jan. 9—Police took a report for fraud from a male whose stolen credit card had been used for two unauthorized transactions.

Jan. 11—A resident reported he was the victim of menacing after receiving threatening emails from the soon-to-be ex-husband of a woman he is in a personal relationship with.

Jan. 13—A Spafford Oval resident reported property damage after an Amazon delivery driver hit her garage door with his van.

Jan. 14—Police dispatched an injured coyote in the backyard of a Nesbit Road residence.

Jan. 18—Officers received a report of a male possibly overdosing on drugs at a bar and grill on Olde 8 Road. The male was transported to University Hospital Ahuja.

Jan. 19—A male reported his daughter’s snowboard had been stolen while she was at a ski resort on W. Highland Road.

Jan. 20—Police responded to a house fire on Valley View Road.

Jan. 22—Two females were cited for disorderly conduct after fighting in the front yard of their Inverlane Drive home.

Jan. 23—Police arrested a female driver for OVI and suspended her license.

Jan. 24—A Troubadour Drive resident accidentally discharged his firearm while in his front yard. The discharge went into the ground, and no one was hurt.

Jan. 26—Sagamore police officers along with officers from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded to report of a fight between several male teenagers at W. Aurora Road townhomes.

Jan. 27—A male reported being the victim of a scam after following the instructions of someone claiming to be from Microsoft, who said there were issues with his computer and the male needed to purchase $3,500 worth of gift cards. The victim was not able to get a refund for the money he took from his bank account to purchase the cards.

Jan. 28—Police received a call of a vehicle in the ditch on Shearer Drive and a male walking up to homes stating he had a knife and was going to kill himself. Officers found the male in question, who said he took his eyes off the road and went into the ditch due to road conditions. No knife was found on his person or in his bag and he stated he did not have one. A strong odor of alcohol came from his person. The male was issued a traffic citation for failure to control the vehicle.

A male on Dunham Road called dispatch stating he had a drinking problem and wanted to get help to quit. He was transported to Marymount Hospital. ∞