Police Beat

Information provided by the Brecksville Police Department

Jan. 9 – A motorist came to the station to report that his vehicle had been damaged in a construction zone on Chippewa Road. He said the force of the impact with a large hole jarred the vehicle, which began to make a knocking sound. He provided a $2,300 repair estimate to the city.

Jan. 12 – Police responded to a Riverview Road residence after receiving a report of a vehicle in a ditch. A delivery driver told the officer he was backing out a driveway when his rear tires slipped off the road, causing the truck to roll into a yard. The residents who own the property were not home at the time. The truck was towed from the scene.

Jan. 14 – Police were dispatched to the area of Miller and Brecksville roads to assist a disabled motorist. The driver of a vehicle reported striking a large hole on Miller Road that caused the front passenger-side tire to lose air pressure. The officer said the rim was slightly dented near the valve stem. The city’s service department patched the hole later that day. Damage to the vehicle is estimated at more than $1,500.

Jan. 14 – The driver of a white SUV was arrested on charges of OVI after he was pulled over for traveling at 45 mph in a 25-mph zone. Police said the driver admitted to having “a few beers” and performed poorly on sobriety tests. He was taken into custody and the vehicle, along with the driver’s wife, was picked up by the driver’s son.

Jan. 15 – A patrol officer pulled over a vehicle that was traveling at a high rate of speed on Brecksville Road. The driver was found to have an active warrant, cited for speeding and turned over to Garfield Heights police.

Jan. 18 – Police received a message from a driver who had been involved in a Jan. 13 crash on Interstate 77. The individual told officers he was behind the at-fault vehicle when debris from that vehicle ended up in the lane of travel, forcing him into the center median where damage to his front bumper resulted. The driver provided dash cam video of the crash and a photograph of the damage to his front bumper. ∞