Letter to the Editor

To the editor,

Do you know who your legislator is?

My zip code has been split into three different Ohio Senate districts.  By gerrymandering, even corrupt politicians keep their seats and voters are confused.  Seventy percent of Ohioans voted to end gerrymandering.  Yet our legislators delayed, acted stupid and forced us to vote using illegal maps in the recent election.

Visiting the Ohio Statehouse reminds me of a bunch of silly 7-year-old boys playing games.  They are making policy that affects our lives, and it’s a big joke to them.  Case in point:  Just after the election, Rep. Bill Seitz, majority leader in the Ohio Statehouse who also sat on the Redistricting Commission, tweeted out, “Too bad, so sad, we win again.”  Such glee in getting away with being naughty.

Ohio is perhaps the most corrupt state in the union. When legislators are not beholden to the voters, they are open to do the bidding of whoever finances them. They pass unpopular legislation that is harmful to us and our children.  That is, more guns everywhere, controlling women’s bodies, and fracking in our state parks while suppressing the necessary transition to wind and solar.

Please, find out who represents you, ask them to man up and make them represent you.

Debra K. Shankland

Fox Rest Dr., Brecksville