Annual Envirothon competition coming to Northeast Ohio

The annual Envirothon competition will be held on April 26 in the Northeast Ohio region. Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District is currently looking for teachers and students interested in forming an Envirothon team to stimulate, reinforce, and enhance high school students’ interest in the environment and natural resources. Cuyahoga SWCD is also seeking sponsors to defray Cuyahoga County schools’ transportation costs for this event.

Envirothon is a competitive outdoor team event, offering a unique and enjoyable learning experience. A team consists of five students, all from the same school. An adult advisor(s) must accompany the team, but are not permitted to assist the team during the competition.

Envirothon tests students’ knowledge of soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatic ecology and a current environmental issue. In addition, the Envirothon encourages cooperative decision-making and team building. While each student on an Envirothon team is challenged to contribute his or her personal best, the score that counts at the end of the event is the team score.

Five area Envirothons are conducted around Ohio each spring and organized by local soil & water conservation districts. The top four teams from each area competition progress to the Ohio Envirothon, which is held in a different part of the state each year. For more information, go to ∞