Amato pens ‘S. W. A. T.’ episode

Back in his days at North Royalton High School, John Amato loved his English and broadcasting classes, but never imagined it would lead him to where he is now. 

Amato graduated from NRHS in 2017 and took his passions with him to college. He went on to study media production with a minor in English at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, earning his Bachelor’s degree in 2021. Since then, he has moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of writing and working in creative media. 

He started off as an intern at MiddKid Productions right after graduation, but was recently promoted to a writer’s assistant for the CBS television show, S.W.A.T. The series follows a S.W.A.T. lieutenant, played by Shemar Moore, as he solves crimes in the Los Angeles area. Part of Amato’s exciting new role has been the opportunity to write his own episode of the show, which aired Feb. 3.

“I am really lucky I landed at a show that promotes from within and that they even trusted me enough to do this,” said Amato. “This job has been like going to grad school and taking a crash course in making a TV show, and it’s the best thing ever.”

NRHS offers a multitude of classes and clubs to help spur students’ creativity, including creative writing, video club and journalism. Amato is just one example of how these classes can inspire students, positively affecting their future careers. 

“John was destined for a career in Hollywood,” said Michael Hemery, Amato’s English and broadcasting class teacher. “When he was my student assistant in broadcasting, he would spend his spare time studying various directors, reading their biographies and watching their films. John would then imitate the director by creating his own unique films in that style. His brilliance was obvious in every project he would complete.” 

NRHS Principal Sean Osborne said Amato “always had a quiet confidence” and was engaged in his learning and extracurricular activities during his time at the high school.

“I am so happy that he has landed this opportunity doing what excites him,” he said.

Amato is thankful for all the support Hemery and his other teachers have given him over the years.

“Without the space you provided to experiment and learn, who knows where I’d be today,” he said. “I am still so grateful.” ∞

John Amato, a 2017 North Royalton High School graduate, has been
promoted to a writer’s assistant for the CBS television show, “S.W.A.T.”
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