Township Corner

I am sure snow will come, but as of December 15 we have had very little. Our Newton Road culvert replacement was completed in record time. The mild weather has been a blessing for road and construction projects and has saved everyone time and money.

On Dec. 1 we held our organizational meeting. After checking our budget, we decided on compensation for our employees and members of the zoning boards.

First of the year we will decide who will be the board of trustees chairman and vice chairman. We will also decide who will handle the areas of township business. All areas will continue to be reviewed and changed if needed. We will also discuss road project estimates for the year and make a decision on entering the Summit County Paving Maintenance bid. The hope is that by joining a larger bidding pool we will get better pricing for our projects.

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. Please join us at the Snowbird Festival from 1-4 p.m. on January 22 at the Richfield Heritage Preserve. ∞