Letter to Editor

To the editor:

I am responding to a letter to the editor titled, “The will of the people.” A former trustee suggested two of the trustees are not working on behalf of the residents and I know that nothing could be further from the truth. All the trustees care about our township. Addressing each item:

The rezoning of Hinckley Elementary was discussed and debated in multiple public meetings with information presented on both viewpoints. The writer stated the people wanted it rezoned. How did the writer come to that decision? What the writer failed to mention was that zoning voted 3-1 against the rezoning. The trustees listened to everyone’s viewpoints before they voted. The current zoning still allows for multiple types of businesses, while avoiding things such as discount chain stores. The property does not have water and sewer, which would be required for a conservation development.

The review of the comprehensive plan was driven by multiple reasons, including senior housing, conservation developments, water infrastructure, lot sizes and more. After consultation with legal counsel, the two trustees felt that adding the results as an addendum to the existing plan was not the correct choice. 

The description of the 1st Day donation is inaccurate. 1st Day contacted the patrolman’s association regarding the donation. The two trustees were involved because one is the liaison for the police and the other is the spouse of an officer. They had students from Highland, Brunswick, Copley and Black River involved. Suggesting that something nefarious was involved is ludicrous.

Jim Bialosky
Sandy Creek Trail