Police receive traffic enforcement grant

by Laura Bednar

The Independence Police Department received a $30,000 Ohio Traffic Safety Grant to increase traffic safety enforcement. Lt. Mark Buehner applied for the grant on behalf of the department through the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

The funds will be used to pay officers who choose to put in overtime hours patrolling the streets to enforce traffic safety in the city and on highways. According to Police Chief Robert Butler, an officer can sign up for morning or evening overtime detail. He explained that speeding violations occur at any time, but morning traffic violations tend to include running stop signs or not yielding to school buses, while evening violations often include drunk drivers. “The goal is to pull over and stop those that are showing risky or dangerous driving behavior,” said Butler. “Extra bodies on the road will curb bad driving. This added money will enhance our resources and allow an officer, on overtime, to monitor traffic issues.”