Police Beat

May 27—During a traffic stop on I-77N, police found a gun in the vehicle and cited the driver with improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle and speeding.

May 28—Officers stopped a vehicle on Rockside Road for expired plates and non-transparent windows. During a probable cause search of the vehicle, a handgun and open bottle of liquor was found.

Police confiscated marijuana from a vehicle at a Rockside Road hotel.

May 30—A man on a mini-bike yelled and kicked a vehicle in a resident’s driveway on Brecksville Road before fleeing the scene. Police found the suspect driving through the woods and backyards of homes on Dora Boulevard, Hillside Road, Vineyard Avenue and Carol Drive.

June 4—Officers responded to reports of theft at a Brecksville Road business.

Police pursued a suspect who had allegedly pointed a gun at a man in Broadview Heights and found him driving on I-77 N. During the traffic stop, officers found a firearm in the vehicle and suspected methamphetamine on the suspect’s person.

June 6—A speeding vehicle was stopped on I-77N and officers confiscated marijuana and a firearm from the vehicle.

June 10—At a traffic stop on I-77N, police found drug paraphernalia consistent with heroin use. The driver was cited for driving under suspension, possessing drug instruments and use/possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police stopped a vehicle on Rockside Road for expired registration and found an open container and two firearms.

June 13—During a Rockside Road traffic stop, officers seized two firearms and bag of marijuana from a vehicle with five people inside.

June 15—A female was cited for shoplifting from a Brecksville Road chain business. She had previously shoplifted from a different location of the same business; therefore, the matter was forwarded to a prosecutor for possible criminal trespass charges.

June 16—Police responded to a disabled vehicle on I-480E and found marijuana drug paraphernalia inside.

June 24—Officers found marijuana and a firearm in a vehicle during a traffic stop on Rockside Road. The driver was charged with carrying concealed weapons, failure to notify police.

June 27—A hotel on Quarry Lane called police when a guest who couldn’t pay for his two-night stay would not leave the hotel property. When police found the suspect, they advised him of his warrant from North Olmsted and seized suspected marijuana from his pocket.

Warrant pickup: 16

Warrant drop-off: 6

OVI: 6 ∞