Renovated bocce ball courts open at Elmwood Park

by Laura Bednar

The bocce ball courts in Elmwood Park were rebuilt as part of the city’s planned capital improvements. The renovation was approved in 2020 but delayed due to the pandemic.

The upgrades include re-sizing of the courts, better drainage, sidewalks, curbing and permit accessibility, according to a report from Recreation Director Tom Walchanowicz. Prior to the additions, there was no sidewalk access to the courts.

The material surrounding the courts is now concrete as opposed to wood. Paramount Concrete & Construction performed all concrete work for the project for $29,430, according to legislation from the March 2022 city council meeting. The city also purchased storage bins, ball racks, benches and an oyster shell surface for the court, among other materials, for $14,500. Walchanowicz said city employees performed the work associated with the additional items.

During the March council meeting, Walchanowicz said the department plans to add coverings to the court, but that project is a couple years away. ∞