Trustee’s Corner

By the time this article is posted, I am hoping that the roller coaster ride of a winter we have had has given way to the warm sunshine of spring that all enjoy so much. I must thank our service personnel for the great job they did this year keeping your roads safe while dealing with the winter weather. There were challenging events, and the entire crew worked diligently to keep up with them.  

And now that the snow has gone, those same service personnel are working for you clearing drainage ditches, working on roadway berm repairs, trimming trees and working on other regular maintenance items. Much of this work involves personnel working on or near the roadways, so we ask that you please be aware of these activities and exercise caution when driving.

The cold temperatures this past winter revealed some issues for three areas in township buildings. The heating system at the town historical building experienced problems, and an inspection found that the township should consider replacing the equipment.  The existing system was well out of its service life, so the board of trustees agreed it would be prudent to replace the equipment.  As of my writing, this work is in progress. The board also decided to pursue the renovation of the east wall of the old fire department at town hall, which includes adding insulation to reduce the heating costs of that area, moving towards regaining that space for greater use. Those bids were expected to be opened by the board on April 19, and I am hopeful that you will have heard by the time you read this, that we will be able to get that project done. Lastly, the two town hall entry doors on the west side of the building were found to need replacement. Both were aged, corroding and one was inoperable at times. The board agreed to the purchase and installation of replacement doors, which will include insulation. Material shortages may delay this work by up to a month, but both doors will be replaced.

Finally, I must extend my thanks and appreciation to the residents of Hinckley. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed my conversations with everyone I have interacted with during my first few months in office. I look forward to continuing to build relationships that will help us as a community.