Township Administrator’s Corner

Many industries have experienced operational changes during the pandemic and waste hauling contractors were no exception. Limited workforce availability, increasing fuel prices and the additional cost of dumping refuse in landfills has negatively impacted the few remaining waste hauling companies that service residential and commercial customers in Northeast Ohio. To adapt and ensure efficient customer service, workers who previously loaded trash bags by hand into trucks have been replaced with automated arms that extend from trucks and deposit refuse from recycling and trash carts.

In 2016, Bath Township entered into an exclusive waste hauling agreement with Rumpke Waste and Recycling. By contracting with a single hauler, the township addressed ongoing concerns with multiple haulers driving through the township on a weekly basis, increasing noise and air pollution in the community. Residents also saw cost savings in bulk weekly trash and recycling. Overall, the experience with a single waste and recycling company in the township has been positive, allowing residents and township officials to provide input when needed on how service can be improved.

Currently, there are 3,392 customers who are part of the Rumpke Waste and Recycling hauling agreement with Bath Township. As part of the contract, Rumpke continues to serve as the billing agent for the program. Additionally, Rumpke representatives directly assist residents on a myriad of issues regarding the solid waste program and work closely with township officials to ensure efficiency of the program.

After two contract extensions to the 2016 Rumpke agreement that expires on June 30, 2022, Bath Township competitively bid the waste-hauling contract for the next term in March 2022. Only two waste haulers presented bids during this process and we’re pleased to report Rumpke’s bid remained the same as the 2021 price structure.

Effective with the July 1, 2022, billing cycle and extending through June 30, 2025, quarterly rates will be:

Year 1: Curbside, $56.67 and $51.72 for seniors (65+); Garage Door, $147.84 and $133.77 for seniors.

Year 2: Curbside, $58.65 and $53.52 for seniors; Garage Door, $153 and $138.45 for seniors.

Year 3: Curbside, $60.69 and $55.38 for seniors; Garage Door: $158.37 and $143.31 for seniors.

Residents will retain use of one brown 95-gallon trash cart and one green 65-gallon recycling cart issued in 2016. Residents who have questions or concerns about cart size or manageability of the cart should contact Rumpke as additional carts may be leased for a separate fee. However, the carts remain the property of Rumpke and if a cart becomes damaged, residents should call Rumpke at 800-828-8171 for a replacement.

Carts that are “similar in size and shape” to the cart Rumpke provided is permitted. However, Rumpke will not be responsible for any damage to the carts. Carts from other trash companies will not be serviced.

Cart usage and service guidelines

All trash and recyclables must be placed at the curb (or outside of the garage door for garage door subscribers) by 7 a.m. on your collection day.

Solid waste should be bagged, tied and put into the trash cart. Trash that does not fit into the cart may be placed in bags or additional carts. Weight should not exceed 50 pounds.

Recycling may be loose and co-mingled inside the recycling cart.

Cart should be placed within 3 feet of the street, 3 feet away from carts, mailboxes and other objects, and the wheels and handle should face away from the street.

As in the past, Rumpke encourages online credit card payments and there is no charge for using the online service.

As the township continues to administer a solid waste and recycling program for residents, the ever-changing industry forces us to examine trends that will impact the future overall pricing structure of waste and recycling services. Large waste haulers are concentrating resources and effort into technology to improve efficiency and safety.

Bath Township officials continually evaluate effective management and oversight of the waste and recycling program. While future changes to billing and quarterly rates are part of the normal evolution of the program, the township’s goal is to provide residents with consistent and quality service at affordable rates. ∞