Berry’s Blooms grows into new space

by Laura Bednar

What began as a cart of flowers for sale has grown to become Berry’s Blooms, a florist and home décor store at 2060 Granger Rd. in Medina.

Store owner Terri Berry has been in the flower business for over 20 years, starting in 1994 when she sold pumpkins and sunflowers out of a cart in her front yard. When she received compliments on her flowers, Berry built a small shop in 2014 to house the plants and protect them from inclement weather.

“We grew lilies for Thanksgiving, but it snowed,” Berry explained.

In November 2021 Berry opened a newly rebuilt barn and greenhouse to the public. The barn itself used to stand on her husband’s farm and was deconstructed and rebuilt on the Granger Road property. Several of the original pieces were used in the reconstruction including sandstone from the foundation and fixtures from the walls.

The store sits on a farm that is adjoining to Berry’s parents’ farm on Beach Road for a total of 500 acres. Over 20 acres are dedicated to cut flowers and 15 acres are solely for sunflowers.

With multiple greenhouses on site, Berry grows as many in-season cut flow­ers as she can with some favorites being anemone, ranunculus, lilies and dahlias. While Berry doesn’t have a background in flowers, she holds an agricultural econom­ics degree from The Ohio State University.

When it comes to growing, she said, “We learn by doing. I give a flower three years to prove itself.”

Cut flowers are offered from mid-January to the end of November with a focus on greenery and winterberry at Christmas. Those who visit the barn can mix and match flowers in the “create your own bouquet” bar. Berry’s Blooms also offers full floral deliveries to surrounding com­munities within 20 minutes of the farm.

Berry’s Blooms has recently expanded beyond flowers to offer home décor and gifts from local vendors. This spring, the store will partner with Hester & Cook, a company that makes high-end paper products. Berry’s husband Bob said be­tween the flowers and dishware, “It’s a one-stop-shop for your table.”

Berry would like to open the greenhouse attached to the barn for book clubs, small showers and educational classes.

More information on Berry’s Blooms can be found on the store’s Facebook page at @berrysbloomsflowers and Instagram page at @berrysblooms. ∞