Spring into fitness goals

NewsUSA – As the cold weather begins to retreat, it’s the perfect time to begin working on your peak fitness goals. Here are five ways to charge up your fitness routine:

Set your fitness goals. Do you want to lose weight, increase your muscle mass, or improve your flexibility or balance? Write down one or two key goals so that you know where to focus your time and energy to achieve the results that are most important to you.

Establish a weekly routine. Explore information about which exercises will best help you achieve your fitness goals, then set a weekly routine that incorporates them into your workouts. If your fitness goal, for example, is to gain strength, there are many instructional videos that will show you how to do various exercises to improve lower body, upper body and core strength. Other videos can help you improve balance, flexibility, cardio health and more. 

Start small to work up to national guidelines of 150 minutes of exercise per week. If you’re just starting a new exercise routine, start with 10 minutes three times a day and progress from there. For best results, mix things up. Incorporate cardio exercises like walking, biking or dance, along with strength training exercises such as wall, countertop or floor pushups, chair squats, and supported lunges. For a more advanced workout, add resistance bands or light weights to your routine.

Find a routine that motivates you to stick with it. Data shows that a high number of people who start an exercise program quickly drop out. To keep a fitness routine, do exercises that you truly enjoy. Whether it’s a daily bike ride, a walk in the park, or an exercise class, do what you love. You can also enlist an accountability partner to help you stay on track. Walk with a friend, use a fitness device that tracks your activity, or sign up for a gym class or online class with an instructor who inspires and motivates you. If you opt for an online workout class, comment each time you tune in to show the group that you’re present.

Don’t delay. Even if you’re not ready to take the big plunge to a 30-minute or longer class, just get going. Try 10 minutes of exercise and work up to your goals. Just getting started will give you a big sense of accomplishment and can eventually result in real health improvements. As always, before you start any new exercise routine, talk to your doctor to discuss your goals and what types of exercise might be safest for you. ∞