Bouquets and reception runners are going green

by Erica Peterson

While wedding flowers often include colorful blooms, more brides are opting for fresh greenery in their bouquets and displays.

Designers at Independence Flowers and Gifts said the most popular bouquet request these days is for the “boho look,” an earthy, flowing aesthetic that includes lots of greens, often things like eucalyptus and ruscus.

Brides are opting for fresh greenery in their bouquets and displays.

Sandy Apidone, owner of Countryside Florist in Richfield, said she, too, is getting lots of requests for fresh greens, especially eucalyptus, in bridal bouquets. With so many different varieties, including silver dollar and seeded, eucalyptus can be used to achieve different looks. Ruscus, too, comes in Italian or Israeli varieties.

Greens can make stunning displays for the service and reception as well. Both florists get many requests for garlands of fresh greens to go down the center of tables to achieve a natural look.

“Barns and rustic venues are what the kids are going for,” Apidone said. “Not too many people are getting married in churches anymore.”

She estimates 75 percent of her brides are getting married outside churches. Often, that’s done to lower costs and because weddings are trending smaller. While traditional weddings could have 400 to 600 guests, the average size currently is closer to 175, Apidone said.

Some mistakenly believe greenery will be cheaper than fresh flowers, but that is not always the case. In fact, greens can sometimes be more expensive because they are a special request, Independence Flowers designers said.

It’s also due to supply and demand, Apidone said.

“A couple years ago, everyone wanted calla lilies, so those prices shot up,” she said. “Now, everyone wants greenery, and the growers know that.”

For those brides who opt for flowers, 90 percent of the clientele at Independence Flowers want fresh as opposed to silk.

The color pallet most often requested is neutral, with lots of blush, ivories and whites, Apidone said, as that goes with the rustic, natural look many brides want to achieve.

And while oval bouquets were popular for a while, designers at Independence Flowers are getting more requests for round ones again.

Whatever a bride chooses is perfect. “Everybody is different. Nothing is not acceptable anymore,” Apidone said. “When it comes to personal taste, nothing is wrong.”