More couples look to add adventure to their honeymoon

by Erica Peterson

Popular honeymoon destinations used to be places like Niagara Falls or a tropical beach, where couples could kick back and relax. But more newlyweds are looking for something a little more exciting.

Gail Greening, a travel agent with the Hudson branch of the Akron Auto Club, said she has seen an uptick in adventure honeymoon requests.

“We have a lot of people that are looking to do more things, like zip lining or hiking, not just sit around on a beach,” she said.

Depending on how much they want to spend and what adventures they want to experience, the possibilities for couples are endless, Greening said.

“We go by their budget and their wish lists,” she said. “Some love to do scuba diving into caves and snorkeling, others want travel across Europe on their own.”

The results are tailor-made adventures. For example, the agency recently created a trip to Belize for a couple that enjoys bird watching, Greening said. Other recent honeymoons she’s booked include trips to Japan, Morocco, Ireland and Jamaica.

“Most of the time, they want to go somewhere no one else has been,” Greening said. “People are looking to find their own, little special place where there’s a lot to do, that’s easy to get to and that’s not too expensive.”

Iceland was a popular destination last year, thanks to low airfares and activities like glacier hiking and seeing the northern lights.

This year, Costa Rica is quite popular, she said. “They can enjoy volcanoes, zip lining and the rain forest and still have the great beaches. It’s really the best of both words,” Greening said.

She suggests couples that want to enjoy an adventure but are not comfortable tackling it alone consider tour companies that specialize in couples groups.

And for those who want to honeymoon closer to home, Ohio’s robust park systems offer plenty to do.

“From the bike trails to hiking opportunities, there’s a lot to explore,” she said.