ScripType’s New Website Offers Searchable Content and Breaking News

Welcome to the new site!

Each of ScripType’s nine magazines – Bath Country Journal, Brecksville Magazine, BroadView Journal, Hinckley Record, Hudson Life, Independence Today, Richfield Times, Sagamore Voice and Twinsburg Tribune – has its own webpage accessible from the home page. Each page has easy-to-navigate features for articles, photos and coming events. You can search for individual articles on each magazine page or on the home page. You can access each magazine’s archives.

To stay up to date on news that happens between the magazines’ monthly print issues, you can subscribe to a new email newsletter by clicking “Subscribe to Newsletter” on the homepage or any magazine page. Select which magazine or magazines you would like updates from and receive free weekly emails containing upcoming events and timely news.

You can easily submit news and ideas to us. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage to read articles from special sections, including bridal, senior living, home improvement & gardening, summer planning, health and wellness, and interior design.

ScripType Publishing looks forward to furthering its mission of delivering community news, stories and events through the new and improved site. ∞