New Day Cleveland puts the spotlight on Hinckley Donut

by Chris Studor

When a friend says to “meet me at the Donut Store,” for most Hinckley residents it means a trip to Hinckley Donut on the corner of Rt. 303 and Ridge Road.

A 25-year staple in the community, not only the place to get your morning coffee, it’s also the place that the folks from Cleveland’s Fox 8 television station decided to feature on the morning program, New Day Cleveland.

“When the T.V. hosts first called, I thought it was going to be hard, but they made it really easy and fun,” said Ashley Bator, who owns Hinckley Donut with her husband, Tyler Bator and Dave Bator, Tyler’s father.

The Bator crew appeared on New Day Cleveland during the show’s second hour of the Nov. 1 show. Fox 8 Host Natelie Herbick interviewed Ashley about the various treats the shop serves, including breakfast sandwiches with eggs and bacon, numerous doughnut flavors and the wide variety of coffee drinks. 

“We carry all kinds of donuts from glazed to sprinkled but a real favorite of our customers is our apple fritters,” said Ashley.

Ashley said the feedback generated plenty of compliments from the community, which was overjoyed when the store reopened this year after being closed for several months due to construction following a traffic accident in which a vehicle was sent careening through the shop’s front window.

Featured Photo: Hinckley Donut was featured on Fox 8’s New Day Cleveland on Nov. 1. T.V. host Natelie Herbick is shown interviewing the Bator family, Ashley, Dave and Tyler. Photo by Chris Studor