J. Lynn Design Group brings the comforts of home to Independence

by Dan Holland

Jenna Getchell, founder and creative director of J. Lynn Design Group, located at 6595 Brecksville Rd., is hopeful that her business will play a part in the revival of the downtown Independence business district.

After running the business out of her home in Seven Hills for a few years, while also running a design office in Naples, Fla., Getchell decided to open up in the 2,200-square-foot office space in spring 2021.

“I’ve been specializing in interior architecture for many years, and it was time to go out on my own,” explained Getchell, who holds a degree in visual communication and interior design.

The full-service design firm specializes in full-home remodels and new builds.

“We provide architectural detailing, which includes selecting all the tile/flooring materials, detailing cabinetry, ceiling designs and the furnishings,” Getchell said. “We do everything from the furnishings to the accessories; area rugs, wall coverings – anything that goes into the house, we help specify.”

She gained valuable experience while working for several years in an interior design firm located in the eastern Cleveland suburbs, where much of her business is still centered.

“We do a lot of work in Solon, Chagrin Falls, Moreland Hills; in that general area,” said Getchell. “I have a good reputation in that area since I used to work over there with my past employer. It’s also easier to get work in an area where you already know the local contractors.”

Current interior design trends include open, transitional floor plans with clean lines, she explained.

“Most people are leaning toward comfortable living with fabrics and rugs that are durable, creating a very durable living space even when it comes to the materials we choose,” said Getchell. “For hard surfaces, it’s porcelain and quartz countertops. Everyone seems to want to keep it simple and as clean as possible for a great look but also keeping it easy to maintain.”

Color palettes are trending toward warm tones; a style that seems to be popular in Europe and is making its way to America, she explained.

“Here in Ohio, we get a little bit warmer in creating the depths of palette versus just all blues that are popular in Naples,” she explained. “The trend right now is the burnt umbers, paprikas, golds – very warm tones.”

Architectural detailing and attention to detail is what makes her firm stand out, said Getchell.

“It’s not just a standard-looking kitchen; it will have built-in custom handles and decorative features that bring a ‘wow’ factor,” she explained. “My background in architectural detailing and ability to detail to that degree is what clients come to me for.”

Becoming more involved in the growing community is one of many business goals, according to Getchell, who works alongside her mother, Jen Perdue, and brother, John Getchell.

“I would love to become more involved in the Independence community, and I’m looking for more opportunities as the community grows and develops,” she said. “It’s just the opportunity to get great design at a good price and make people feel better at home. With COVID, and people staying home more, it’s been a great turn for us to expand our client base as people are more interested in finding comfort at home.” ∞

Photo: One of the showrooms at J. Lynn Design on Brecksville Road. Photo by Dan Holland.