Hinckley’s doughnut shop is back in business

by Chris Studor

Hinckley Donut. Located at 1388 Ridge Rd., has reopened its doors to business under new ownership after being closed to the public for more than eight months following a car crash last summer that sent an SUV careening through the store’s frontage.

In the months since the accident, the store has been gutted and renovated by the building’s owners Karl Kastle and Tommy Vanovoer. In addition to a new concrete floor, the interior of the building has been redesigned making the shop itself a bit larger now that the shop’s former back room has been opened up to include additional floor space.

Along with doughnuts, the shop plans to serve a variety of coffee and other beverages, as well as breakfast sandwiches. The shop’s hours remain the same as they were prior to the accident: Monday through Saturday, 6 a.m.-noon.

A grand opening celebration is planned for later this month. The dates and times will be announced on the business’ Facebook page. ∞