Learn where the giant dahlias come from


Learn where the giant dahlias come from


It happens every year toward the end of summer at the Brecksville Human Services Center and City Hall. People stare in amazement at the largest dahlias they’ve ever seen and the question, “Where did those come from?,” is always sure to follow.

The answer is Maplecrest Farm in Brecksville on Miller Road. The same Maplecrest Farm that housed the Budweiser Clydesdales when they were in town for the Brecksville Bicentennial Parade in 2011.

Brant Giere grows these prize-winners at the farm and walks away with a bouquet of blue ribbons when he enters them in competitions.

But every year buckets of the dahlias appear early in the morning at the human services center and city hall, which means Giere is harvesting the flowers and the community benefits from the “leftovers.” Giere drops them off before heading to his office for his day job as a stock broker.

Now residents can learn his secrets. Giere will talk about how he raises these gorgeous flowers and he’ll bring plenty of pictures on Friday, June 16, at

11 a.m., at the Brecksville Human Services Center, 2 Community Dr. Call 440-526-2499 to RSVP. The event is free and open to the public. ∞