Police Beat

Information provided by the Sagamore Hills Police Department

Oct. 1—A Wilson Court resident reported that a woman showed up at his home stating she had rented it for two days through booking.com. The resident had not posted his house and contacted the company to remove the listing.

Oct. 4—A female reported her vehicle was damaged while in the parking lot of a W. Aurora Road business.

Oct. 4—Officers dispatched a deer with three broken legs in a ditch on Houghton Road.

Oct. 7—A Cyrus Lane resident reported that his son was being loud and out of control. Police turned the male over to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office for his multiple warrants.

Oct. 9—A resident reported fraud when his bank notified him of two transactions he did not make.

Oct. 12—The daughter of a Willow Lake Drive couple called police stating her brother and his wife had stolen their elderly mother’s ring. The mother gave it to her daughter-in-law, but the daughter stated she was not in the proper mental state to freely give it away.

Oct. 12—Police received calls of a possible intruder at an Olde Eight Road school. Upon investigation, there was no intruder, but a student had written a threatening message in a bathroom stall, inducing a panic. The student was not criminally prosecuted but was expelled from the school. No one was hurt, there were no weapons present and no threats were carried out.

Oct. 14—A female Eaton Ridge Drive resident reported a suspicious male possibly attempting to enter her home via the bedroom window.

Oct. 15—Officers responded to a domestic dispute between a father and son at a Natalie Boulevard residence. The son had been acting strange and agreed to go to the hospital for treatment.

Oct. 17—Police responded to a North Gannet Road residence for domestic violence between a father and son. The son had attacked his father and was taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

Oct. 17—A resident reported possible fraud after a wireless network of which he is not a customer contacted him about a past-due bill.

Oct. 20—A Door Dash employee reported being bitten by a dog at a Countryside Drive residence.

Oct. 23—An officer observed a vehicle had hit a Valley View Road fire hydrant. The car was not found.

Oct. 23—A resident reported her Facebook account had been hacked and was being used to sell products.

Oct. 27—A resident reported fraud when an unknown party attempted to open a credit card in his name.

Oct. 28—A Smithfield Drive residence stated someone broke into his vehicle, stole the garage door opener, and proceeded to steal other items from his garage including carpet cleaning equipment and a drone.

Oct. 29—Police responded to a vehicle stopped in the road on state Route 82. The driver was charged with OVI and improper handling of the firearm in the car. He was also cited for open container. ∞