Police Beat

Information provided by the Independence Police Department

Oct. 1—Police assisted the Richfield Police Department during a vehicle pursuit on the freeway. Independence officers blocked ramps to I-77 N to prevent outside traffic from being caught in the chase. Once the vehicle lost control on the highway, officers assisted in securing the occupants.

Oct. 7—Flock safety cameras registered a stolen vehicle driving on Rockside Road. The driver stated she had been a passenger in the car and stole the car from the driver because she felt unsafe with him. She was charged with receiving stolen property.

Oct. 11—A female at a Quarry Lane hotel had a dispute with the hotel manager over payment for her stay. Once the issue was resolved, the female was arrested for violating her protection order as the protected party against a male who came to her hotel room.

Oct. 11—Officers stopped a vehicle at a Quarry Lane Hotel for tinted windows, expired registration and the smell of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. A probable cause search found marijuana, cocaine and another illicit substance in the car. The passenger had over $1,000 in cash on his person. He was arrested on drug trafficking charges.

Oct. 14—Police responded to a disabled vehicle on I-77 S. The driver stole the vehicle from his girlfriend in Parma after attacking her and stealing $450 from her the previous day, according to the Parma Police Department. He also had the drug PCP on his person.

Oct. 14—A female was arrested for prostitution and possession of criminal tools at a Quarry Lane Hotel.

Oct. 14—A female was arrested for prostitution at a Quarry Lane Hotel.

Oct. 20—Police responded to a dispute in a Quarry Lane hotel parking lot between a male driver and two female passengers. Each female was in possession of drug paraphernalia, and the driver was advised for open container in the vehicle.

Oct. 22—A male was arrested for receiving stolen property after he was caught in a Rockside Road restaurant parking lot in a stolen vehicle.

Oct. 25—Two females were arrested for prostitution at a Quarry Lane hotel.

Oct. 25—Officers stopped a stolen vehicle on Brecksville Road which had a shattered front windshield, shattered rear tailgate window and other damage. The passenger was indicted for receiving stolen property, and the driver was held for the same and was cited for driving under suspension.

Oct. 27—Police found a stolen vehicle in the parking lot of a Quarry Lane hotel. The driver was arrested after she claimed the rental agency from where she got the car did not come to pick it up.

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