Police Beat

Information provided by the Broadview Heights Police Department

Oct. 10 – Police subpoenaed cell phone records in a telephone harassment case between an 18-year-old city man and his former group of high school friends. The complainant and his mother reported that the man had been receiving several prank calls on his cell phone following a falling out with his friends. Police contacted the primary suspect who alleged his phone was taken at a party and several individuals made the calls. That suspect refused to answer further calls from police.

Oct. 12 – A Seneca Boulevard resident contacted police to report she feared for her safety after sending photos of her feet to a man who paid her for them. The complainant said that once the money was deposited in her account, she began receiving several calls, including one in which the caller threatened to send an assassin to kill her, her family and roommates. The caller also allegedly sent a video of a man shooting individuals repeatedly in the face. The check is now missing from her bank account and is believed to have been fraudulent.

Oct. 14 – A Quail Run drive man reported that a check he mailed at the outdoor mailbox at the Broadview Heights Post Office had been altered and made payable to an unknown suspect. The check had originally been written for $459 and cashed for more than $6,872.

Oct. 16 – Police responded to an Avery Road residence after the homeowner discovered he was a victim of identity theft. The man told the officer he discovered a fraudulent cell phone account had been opened in his name when a bill for $5,000 arrived. The account had been used to purchase a phone and three tablets.

Oct. 18 – The driver of a gray SUV was arrested on OVI charges after he was pulled over for speeding on Royalton Road. During the traffic stop, the officer confiscated a loaded gun that had been located on the vehicle’s passenger seat. The driver was subsequently cited for improperly handling a firearm in a motor vehicle and speed.

Oct. 19 – Police received a call reporting a shoplifting incident at a Broadview Road business. The store’s loss prevention officer told police he saw the man near the rear of the store with items already bagged in his shopping cart. She said he then moved to the front of the store, allegedly grabbed a bag of nuts and placed them in the shopping bag and attempted to exit the store. The suspect said he went through the checkout, offered to pay for the items again, but ultimately left the store saying he would “go look for the receipt.” Police pulled the man over and discovered he is in the early stages of dementia and the store did not want to press charges.

Oct. 20 – Police were dispatched to an East Royalton Road business after an administrator reported misappropriation of funds within the facility. The complainant told police a client’s state retirement check had been cashed by her son but not transferred to the business, resulting in a liability balance. Police spoke with the son who admitted to using the funds for personal use.

Oct. 21 – Police were dispatched to the scene of a motor vehicle crash near the intersection of Briarwood Drive and Wallings Road around 1:30 p.m. where a driver was believed to have overdosed and needed treatment. Police administered two doses of Narcan before the suspect regained consciousness. The man admitted to taking marijuana, Percocet and a line of cocaine and suspected the cocaine had been laced with fentanyl. He was arrested on charges of OVI and cited for driving left of center, failure to maintain reasonable contrail and judgement license suspension. ∞