Nordonia Dental opens new office in Nordonia Hills community

by Nancy Vondrak

When Nordonia Dental Group needed more office space, Dr. Philip Znidarsic said loyalty to the practice’s 7,000 patients is what prompted them to remain in the Nordonia Hills area, relocating just down the street from the original office.

In June, the dental practice moved into a newly constructed building at 98 W. Aurora Rd. in Northfield Center Township after outgrowing the previous office it operated in for over 20 years. According to Znidarsic, he didn’t want the practice to lose its mom-and-pop feel.

“We are so blessed to have so many clients, and we needed more space. The amount of new patients we get is insanity,” said Znidarsic. “We get a walk-in almost every day and we’ve had some months where we’ll get 100 new patients.”

He said when he and fellow dentists Dr. Emily Miller and Dr. Patrick Sovacool originally met with an architect to discuss expansion the intention was to not move. After assessing the situation, the architect encouraged them to build.

In the new building, the dental office now has 12 dental chairs instead of the former location’s eight along with new equipment, furniture and landscaping.

Znidarsic said he’s especially excited that patients will no longer have to endure a procedure that literally left a bad taste in their mouths. “No more rubber impressions in the mouth. We can now take a picture, scan it and send it to the lab, and they’ll use it to make a crown or a retainer,” he said. “It’s much more efficient.”

He noted that often a scanned photo can be sent on Monday and the resulting crown will be ready on Friday. These features and other conveniences like late evening and early morning appointments are all accommodations the dentists offer.

Said Znidarsic, “Over the years, your patients become your friends. We talk about life. You see people evolve and children grow up.”

Znidarsic has been practicing dentistry since 1996 and said he is grateful for the practice’s patients. “I think people come to us because we’re here, we’re open and we do our best.” ∞

Photo: Nordonia Dental moved to a new location at 98 W Aurora Rd. in Northfield. Photo by Nancy Vondrak.