Resident author launches writing career with romance suspense story

by Alex Vukoder

Bridgette Kovacevich, mother of three and marketing and communications executive can now add fiction novelist to her impressive resume. This summer, she fulfilled a lifelong dream of writing and publishing a book. “The Glass House,” is a bi-coastal romance suspense story featuring landmarks in New York City and the Pacific Northwest.

“I have always wanted to be a writer,” said Kovacevich. “It took two and half years to complete this book, but aside from my children, this is my proudest moment; pursuing this journey and following my dream of sharing this story.”

The story follows a multi-layered lead character, Emma, as she discovers love isn’t always a straight line, some people aren’t who they seem to be, and you can always go home again because family is forever. Through Emma’s relatable experiences, Kovacevich builds an inspirational love story.

“Have you ever wondered about the one that got away or if things would have worked out if you would have stayed in a relationship?” asked Kovacevich. “These questions sparked the idea for this intriguing story about finding happiness as an individual first, and then together with someone.”

“The Glass House” also serves as a nostalgic travel guide to Oregon. Inspired by the raw beauty of the coast, Kovacevich features real landmarks and locations that aid Emma in discovering herself.

Kovacevich’s interest in writing began with “Bountiful Bridge,” a life lesson blog where she shares personal experiences from all aspects of her life.

“I have spent much of my professional career writing about product lines designed to target consumers. Writing the blog helped me start exploring other types of writing and served as a launching pad for creating my novel,” said Kovacevich.

Kovacevich and her husband, Christopher, live in Bath with their daughters, Ava, Maddie and Grace. “The Glass House” is dedicated to her daughters to demonstrate that you don’t have to be just one thing; you can follow your dreams and do it all.

“The Glass House” is available on Amazon, Kindle, and on Bridgette’s blog, ∞

Photo: Bridgette Kovacevich. Photo submitted.