Questions for the Township Trustee Candidate

Janet Jankura is completing her fourth term as Richfield Township Trustee. No other candidates filed petitions for the four-year term of office starting in January 2024. Following are her unedited responses to four questions posed to him by the Richfield Times.

• With the growing income from the JEDD, how will the budget of the township change?

Jankura: The Township budget will increase as the income from the JEDD increases.  Over the past three years, the JEDD revenue has grown from $3,325 in 2021 to $76,723 in 2023.  As additional businesses open in the JEDD, there will be more revenue and jobs.  For example, we anticipate the Allega Company’s headquarters will add a significant number of professionals, generating enhanced funding.

• What is the biggest challenge facing Richfield Township in the next few years?

Jankura: Increasing costs of goods and services is Richfield Township’s biggest challenge in the next few years.  The largest portion of our expenses is our high-quality Police and Fire, going up 12% for three years.  Another big portion is road maintenance and repair.  Trustees approved $671,000 to repave 1.74 miles of roads this year, using American Rescue Plan Act funds to supplement our Road and Bridge Fund.  There are 2.64 more miles of streets to repave.  Their repair is planned in phases over the coming years.

• Would you favor ticketing by mail to help officers control speeders on Richfield roadways.

Jankura: No, I would not support ticketing by mail.  Our Police do a good job of controlling speed by patrolling and the “Your Speed” signs help slow traffic.  The trustees initiated decreased speed limits on some roads and intersections to make them safer, such as sections of Boston Road to 35 miles per hour.

• What were you not able to accomplish as trustee in your last term that you plan to tackle in the next four years?

Jankura: Trustees made efforts to fill the vacant zoning board seats and appointed four qualified candidates during the past two years.  These new people have business and/or community planning experience that add value the Board of Zoning Appeals and Zoning Commission.  Trustees will continue to interview quality candidates to fill the remaining seat on Zoning Commission.

Janet Jankura


Occupation: Township Trustee