Letter to the Editor

District boasts smart fiscal management, good outcomes

To the Editor:

Hudson City Schools has an operating levy on the November ballot.  Here are 4 reasons to vote YES on issue 9.

  1. This is the first time in 12 years the district has asked for an operating levy. While other comparable school districts have asked their communities for additional funds 2 or even 3 times since 2011, Hudson has NOT because they have made every dollar count through smart fiscal management.
  2. The recent increase in property values does NOT result in the same percentage increase in taxes. And why did my home value go up? It’s because of the schools, the number one reason why people move to Hudson. To keep the schools strong, we must continue to invest in them.
  3. Hudson schools do an excellent job preparing students for life after high school. My two children benefited from 13 years in the district. They were accepted to their top college choices and offered scholarships based on their outstanding academic and extracurricular records. It is essential to continue funding Hudson schools to set up all students for future success.
  4. Salaries, utilities, supplies and transportation all require money. And because of Ohio law, two thirds of the funding for Hudson schools must come from local taxpayers through levies. Passing this operating levy now ensures there will be no cuts or changes. Instead, Hudson students will continue to grow and flourish, allowing the financial investment we make today to increase exponentially going forward.

Vote YES on issue 9.

Jennifer and Scott Fisher

Londonairy Boulevard ∞