Letter to the Editor

There is a need for change

In the last few months, we have been exposed to a lot of misinformation regarding the two trustee candidates. Cyntia Engleman is the newcomer. She’s active in Township government, a retired attorney and worked for 30 years in Information Technology management. She brings experience and knowledge to the board that we have not seen in many years.

Over the last several weeks, I have heard people reference the mudslinging during the campaign season. Pointing out a candidate’s voting history is not slinging mud. It is informed decision making. Did you know her opponent was the deciding vote in the rezoning of the new senior rental apartments, and the deciding vote in the Drug Mart tax abatement request that ultimately led to the annexation request?

Prior to 2022, we had never heard of “divisive” special interest groups. I do not recall the opposition to single-hauler trash being labeled as “special interest groups,” yet it had a big influence on the 2019 election. This is called democracy. To label a group that does not agree with you is divisive in nature.

Yes, friends and neighbors, now is the time we need change. We need to change our thinking that if we do not agree on everything we are divided. Cyntia has already communicated her plan to unite. We need to find our commonalities and focus on them. Her opponent believes the opposite.  This is why I am voting for Cyntia Engleman.

Shawn Pepera

Westwind Trace