Letter to the Editor

Council candidate support

To the Editor,

I am writing to express my wholehearted endorsement of Bobbie Beshara for Richfield Village Council. Having closely observed her actions and leadership qualities, I firmly believe that she is the best candidate to address the current needs and future aspirations of our community.

Throughout her tenure as a councilperson and as our former mayor,  Bobbie has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges and issues our community faces. This experience gives me confidence in her ability to effectively represent our community. She has proven her dedication and commitment to working tirelessly in service of our community’s best interests.

Anytime I have ever had a question or concern, Bobbie has gone above and beyond to find out the information I have requested or to find possible solutions to the issue. I believe that Bobbie Beshara is the best choice for Richfield Village Council because of her commitment to our community and her experience navigating complex issues. I encourage you to join me in supporting Bobbie when you cast your vote.

Cindy Ellis

Revere Road ∞