Letter to the Editor

Responding to campaign ad

To the Editor,

I feel compelled to respond to the negative ad placed in the September edition of the Richfield Times. With regard to its mission, I submit that the RJRD board is not being “manipulated and misdirected” as stated in the article. Anyone who has visited Richfield Heritage Preserve can provide testimony to that. The $3.5 million of capital monies were spent on structural repairs of dams deemed “noncompliant” by the State of Ohio, a wastewater treatment operation, park maintenance equipment, and upgrading The Lodge to generate additional revenue for park operations. The capital monies were meant to be spent on infrastructure improvements, and they were.

While decisions made by earlier boards can be debated with regard to their “essential” nature, the choices were made and we now have a water treatment plant that will serve the park for decades, and two beautiful lakes.

“Special interest groups” mentioned have provided great services for the park, as have other volunteers, and should be recognized for their contributions. Special interests do not run the park; the current RJRD board and the park director do. RJRD’s board and director are all smart, dedicated individuals whose only agenda is to make RHP the best it can be.

RHP is an extraordinary community asset, and its volunteers and staff have been excellent stewards of the public trust. Issue 16 is an operating levy replacement, not capital, and will ensure that the development of this exceptional property continues.

Anita Gantner, board chair

Richfield Joint Recreation District

Humphrey Road ∞