Letter to the Editor

Troubled by abandoned property

To the Editor,

The old Consolidated Freight property located at 2615 Brecksville Rd. has been abandoned since 2002. In my humble opinion, this 72-acre property is not only the largest eyesore in our community, but perhaps even more importantly, the largest waste of prime real estate in Richfield. As a Realtor and a 30-year resident I find it tragic. We have a gaping hole in our housing inventory for seniors and also for median priced homes available to growing families. We are losing two very important demographics to other communities due to the lack of housing. The purchase and rehabilitation of this property by the Village of Richfield would be an epic opportunity to provide a platform for a much needed new neighborhood and retain so many of our valued citizens while at the same time add beauty and value to our community.   

Debbi Osborne 

Maple Drive