Repairs underway at human services

by Melissa Martin

Sept. 19 city council meeting

Brecksville City Council authorized a series of repairs to several city buildings Sept. 19, starting with the $13,750 replacement of a portion of the roof on the Human Services Building.

Service Director Joe Kickel told council the city discovered leaks in the north hip section of the building, leading to replacement of shingles.

“We need to fix these leaks as soon as possible before the weather starts getting bad,” Kickel said.

Kickel told council that his department discovered during recent heavy rainstorms that water was accessing the north side of the building near the windows. He said the leaks were caused by shrinking caulk on the building’s north side, which also needs to be removed and replaced.

Council approved a purchase requisition to Kapton Caulking and Building Restoration for $42,030 to get the work done before winter.

At Kickel’s request, council also approved a purchase requisition authorizing Superior Industrial Insulation Company to install approximately 2,100 feet of pipe insulation at Blossom Hill Building No. 7, which houses the Oakes Road Montessori School. He said the old insulation was removed because it contained asbestos.

Central School inspection

In conjunction with the proposed rezoning of Central School, council approved payment of $5,000 to I.A. Lewin, P.E. and Associates to conduct an investigation to determine the structural condition of the former Central School building, constructed in 1918.

Planning and Development Director Monica Bartkiewicz told council the inspection is needed to ensure that the building’s foundation, exterior and interior is structurally sound. She said the inspection will include a condition survey of

various rooms to see if there is anything preventing the future use or repurposing of the building, which is owned by the city.

In other news, council:

Authorized the mayor for apply to the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency for funding through the TLCI Implementation Grant program to construct sidewalks on Chippewa Road from Cinnabar Drive to Riverview Road, along with ADA pedestrian improvements to the Chippewa Road/Riverview Road intersection.

Approved a resolution authorizing the mayor to submit a request for state capital budget funding to the office of Ohio Sen. Jerry Cirino to construct a multi-use path from the intersection of Riverview Road/Chippewa Road to the Station Road Bridge Trailhead in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Approved the $32,752 purchase of a nontraditional police vehicle for the detective bureau. Police Chief Stan Korinek told council the city traded in three old service department vehicles, which took $8,000 off the price of the vehicle. He said the vehicle will be used for undercover surveillance, transporting evidence equipment and for evidence collection.

Approved the $26,169 purchase of 130 new mature, replacement trees as part of the city’s annual fall planting schedule. ∞