Letter to the Editor

Schadler listens to every resident

To the Editor:

Before you vote, I would like to share some thoughts about Steve Schadler.

I met Steve for coffee in 2021 leading up to the election. I had been intrigued by his campaign as I observed him showing respect by giving opportunities for people to openly discuss issues, especially when there was disagreement. He also stood up when he saw something he believed was against the best interests of the city, even if it was an unpopular position. 

Over the past few years, our families have developed a strong friendship in part because these qualities are so sincere.  He cares deeply about hearing people out and will be the first to listen. He stands up for what he believes. He will listen and act accordingly when someone has a stronger argument than his own. Heck, I disagree with him all the time.  And, none of it is an act. He approaches board games the same way.

This is why we need to elect Steve Schadler. He is a candidate who will listen to every resident. Even if you disagree with him, he will hear you. He is someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for the small percentage of citizens most impacted by something if it is what is right, even if that is unpopular politically. And he isn’t a prisoner to his way of thinking.  He wants to make the right decision for Brecksville, not the right decision for Steve. 

Vote Schadler on Nov. 7.

 Keith Richardson

Valley Parkway