Letter to the Editor

Drexler understands the issues

To the Editor:

I am writing to support Eric Drexler for Brecksville-Broadview Heights School Board.  Eric is a speech pathologist who has worked in our district for many years. When our new elementary school opened, Eric’s position at BBH was cut based on seniority and he became a private practitioner.  When his former colleague had to take a leave of absence, Eric was asked by the school district to fill in. He agreed to pitch in on a short-term basis at the elementary school. That experience gave him a first-hand view of the building’s challenges.

Eric understands the issues facing the board and district, in my opinion, better than the currently serving board member who is seeking reelection. Eric served with me on the building committee prior to the board decision to build a single school to replace the four buildings that housed pre-K to fifth grade students.  Our committee proposed two schools, but we were told that two schools cost too much.  During our service on that committee, I came to respect Eric’s ability to reason and work with others to provide solutions to problems.

There are multiple choices in this November’s BBH School Board election.  We have a new superintendent.  I believe it is time to elect three new board members. That does not include those who wish to engage in culture wars. Eric certainly deserves to be one of those elected. Please join me in voting for Eric Drexler for Brecksville-Broadview Heights School Board.

Fred Pedersen

Windswept Drive, Brecksville