Letters to the Editor

Levy sustains learning environment investments

To the Editor:

I am writing asking for support of the Hudson City Schools levy on Nov. 7. Like many of you, part of our decision to move to Hudson was because of the strong performance of the schools. Having started schooling in a different district, I saw the improvement in the services we receive in Hudson. I see the reaction to changing needs in Hudson. 

The district’s biggest expense is its investment in the people who provide a safe, welcoming and exceptional learning environment for our students every day. Based on input from parents, staff and the community, the district invested in an additional School Resource Officer, clinical and school counselors, teachers, aides, intervention specialists, small group instructors and English language learner tutors – all to address increased student needs. While the district utilized federal COVID relief funds to affect immediate impact in our classrooms and buildings, general operating funds must now be utilized to continue these additional and necessary student services and resources. 

Voting YES on Issue 9 ensures that Hudson City Schools will have the funding it needs to continue providing an excellent learning environment for all Hudson students.

Christine Callahan 

Ambrose Drive ∞