Boosters propose reviving fundraiser

by Sheldon Ocker

Sept. 12 school board work session

The Revere Sports Booster Club asked the board of education for permission to revive a fundraising event that has been on hold for three years.

“The purpose is to promote and support our athletes in seventh through twelfth grades … giving them a great experience in their games,” said Melissa Fashinpaur, a member of the booster club board.

Fashinpaur said the booter club wants to use the Revere High School campus for a sports event tentatively scheduled for April 13, 2024.

“We last fully held this in 2019,” she said. “Unfortunately, it was canceled in 2020 [because of COVID]. It was typically done at St. George Church with about 250-300 attendees and a profit of $32,000.”

Fashinpaur said this year the booster club’s goal is to raise $75,000, a significant portion of which probably would come from sponsorships.

“We really want to double what we’ve done in the past,” she said. “And we’re trying to bring the boosters back. We also want to strengthen the community.”

Most activities would take place in the gym but some might be held outdoors.

Fashinpaur said the boosters probably would not want to use the football field.

“The only thing we thought for sure was maybe tenting the courtyard to get more space and do some things outside,” she said.

The event would take place in the evening and include sports challenges like fundraising games, food and wine tastings, raffles, auctions and live entertainment.

Fashinpaur said she would like to have a full bar, if possible.

Board members had questions about that, like whether students would be on the premises. Fashinpaur said no, except for possibly the dance team: “They could perform then leave,” she said, adding that there might be student volunteers, but they would be gone before the event begins.

“We would have to ask legal counsel if it’s OK to have alcohol,” said board member Claudia Hower.

“We fully understand if we did the event at the school we’d be required to adhere to any restrictions, requirements, agreements that would be set by the district,” Fashinpaur said. “Obviously there are insurance and licensing requirements, liquor licenses, expenses for security, anything to protect the venue.”

New SRO agreement

The board approved an extension of the School Resource Officer agreement with Bath and Richfield, which expired on Aug. 31.

Two elements of the agreement: The SRO will submit a monthly activity report to the superintendent, principals and police chiefs of Richfield and Bath outlining all incidents or calls for service.  SROs are responsible for criminal law issues, not school disciplinary issues.

Under the new agreement the SRO will receive additional training in a number of areas.

Modern technology

This year’s State of the Schools address will be presented not with a live speech by Superintendent Michael Tefs but in digital form with a video starring board President Keith Malick, Treasurer Rick Berdine and Tefs.

“It’s about 17 minutes,” the superintendent said. “We will release it tomorrow. I think in under 20 minutes we’ve really done a pretty good job trying to highlight ‘This is Revere,’ and I’m really interested to get feedback,” Tefs said.

Time for recess

Treasurer Rick Berdine said the new playground at Richfield Elementary is ready for use.

“The playground is finished,” he said. “We have one piece of equipment on back order. It came in the wrong color, and we asked for it to be done correctly.”

Berdine added that the school was planning a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the playground on Sept. 15. ∞