Letter to the Editor

How can Petsche govern a city he is suing?

To the Editor:

In March, 2023, Jack Petsche filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio in Cleveland, against Mayor Jerry Hruby, Law Director David Matty, Brecksville City Council President Laura Redinger and former Brecksville City Council members Gerald Broski. Lou Carouse, Jr. and Kim Veras. The City of Brecksville was also named as a defendant.  

Petsche claims these officials provided false and misleading information to investigators when Petsche was removed from council in 2020.

Petsche is a declared candidate for the upcoming mayoral election.  If elected, I am very curious as to how Petsche can effectively govern a city that he is suing. Also, how can he collaborate effectively with some of the very same city officials named in his lawsuit?

On another note, I would like to know how much of our taxpayer dollars are being spent in legal fees for this case.  It does not seem to me that the best interests of the citizens of Brecksville are a priority for Petsche.

Terri Shawhan

Long Forest Drive